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Muck Holofiber Socks and Replacement Insoles
I love the great outdoors and love to hike; therefore, I'm on my feet a lot. A friend suggested I try a pair of Holofiber socks and now that is all I wear...even to work! These socks are so comfortable and actually allows your feet to breath. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone!!!
Gez Dos Santos, Knoxville, TN


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Socks and Insoles
One Word....Awesome!!!
Terry Nims
Scott County, IA
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Muck Replacement InsoleMuck Replacement Insole

 The Breakthrough Textile of the 21st Century...           


Muck Holofiber Socks

  Holofiber                            Muck Holofiber Socks

  • HOLOFIBER™ increases oxygenation
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment reduces foot odor
  • Comfortrel XP® Technology
  • Excellent Shape Retention & Pill Resistance
  • Superior Moisture Management
  • Soft and wonderful feeling

 Imagine if there were a textile that could work with the human body system to increase its oxygen levels, which can build strength, increase energy and accelerate muscle recovery.

There is. It's called Holofiber  

History Channel Modern Marvels

History Channel Modern Marvels

Using nanotechnology HOLOFIBER™ socks work with the human body system to help increase oxygen levels in muscles and skin thereby providing increased strength, energy and muscle recovery. What's more, these exclusive Muck Boot Company HOLOFIBER™ socks have features that enhance foot comfort, minimize fatigue and reduce foot odor.

How it works...How it Works...

Holofiber® material modifies the spectrum of visible and invisible light, interacting with certain wavelengths, and altering them into energy. When Holofiber® is worn as clothing, it transmits the altered energy to the body.

This energy sent to the body by Holofiber® helps the body’s cells to be better oxygenated.                                   

Holofiber® absorbs the light energy, altering it and re-emitting it immediately but also over a period of time, which means it does not have to be subject to a continuous exposure of light in order to function effectively.

The effects of better oxygenation on the body have been the described by many satisfied users. Over the past year, the beneficial effect of Holofiber® has been measured in clinical studies, first among diabetics, then among “non-challenged” subjects.

In each instance, measurements of oxygenation levels in the skin have shown a significant increase in oxygen levels after wearing Holofiber® fabrics.

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